Transitional Autumn Décor

Whether you like it or not, the change of seasons is imminent, and it's time to get ready for the holiday deluge. Not to worry - Greenhouse is here to help! From spooky chic to transitional harvest decor, we've here to navigate the shifting seasons and approaching festivities with you by providing a curated collection of hand-picked transitional harvest decor that can carry you all the way through Thanksgiving. 

Black, White, + Neutrals All Over

One of the easiest ways to approach holiday decorating is to keep your basics neutral; bright + kitschy Halloween or harvest decor can be cute and fun, but if you're short on time, keeping those items as accents makes for less work in the long run. Sticking to the 60-30-10 can help a lot when you're looking for transitional holiday decor. That is to say, 60% of your decor should still be neutral- even if it's holiday, 30% should be a complimentary color that shows up about half as much as the first color; I recommend using black + white for these, though you could also use traditional fall botanical for a brighter look. The last 10% should be your pop of color, or in this case, the more specific holiday decor that needs to be switched out promptly after the holiday has passed, i.e. your cauldrons, turkeys, jack-o-lanterns, and anything that says 'Trick or Treat'. By sticking to warm neutrals and applying the 60-30-10 rule to holiday specific decor, you can more more easily switch out the 10% of decor that is holiday specific, making less work for you when it comes to your seasonal decorating.

Switch Out Fabric Accessories

One of the most practical ways to accommodate the cooler weather is to switch out your fabric accessories! Banish those light, linen throws and replace them with heavier, warmer accessories, like chunky knits, to keep you cozy and safe from the elements. Now it's our turn to attempt the 2021 Met Gala theme, and add our own American touch by welcoming fuzzy flannels + plaids. Our 16 inches brushed cotton black + white plaid pillows are a great way to bring in a softer, thicker texture while evoking the cozy feeling of sitting around a fall bonfire with the plaid print, and the black and white color scheme makes them neutral enough to last all season. This applies to more than just your living room, den, or bedroom, however. If you want to go the extra mile, switch out your table linens as well. This is one of my favorite tricks, as switching out a runner is a quick and easy way to change out your decor.

Embrace the Magic of Plants

One of our favorite ways to celebrate autumn is by incorporating natural elements, replacing floral centerpieces with pine cones, acorns, fall foliage, and of course, pumpkins. It's simple enough to switch out or add neutral decor and accents like garlands, wreaths, and bouquets that celebrate the season in key locations. By optimizing the placement of your decor, you end up needing to do less work overall. In fall, I prefer to focus on natural wood textures, bringing in bare birch branches, and muted yellow and orange foliage for a bit of those classic fall colors. If you are the sort that does a full tree for every holiday, then you are in luck! Here at Greenhouse, we stock plenty of neutral, natural ornaments featuring the great hallmark of fall, the warm + colorful botanical of soft grasses, crunchy leaves, and autumn harvest.


Soften the Lighting

As the nights get longer, darker, and colder, get out your candles to create a little bit of ambience. Put smaller candles in glass votive, put tapers out with more traditional candlesticks, or create a simple autumnal centerpiece with some pillar candles and foliage. Keep your decor simple, with plenty of neutral colors and natural elements to create a vignette that easily lasts all the way through Thanksgiving. While I do recommend that you leave scented candles off the dining table and out of the kitchen, scented candles in the living room, bedrooms, or even bathroom can instantly inspire a sense of seasonal celebration without having to do all that much. Just stick to one scent at a time so it does not get overwhelming. There is nothing like the smell of simmered cider or pumpkin pie to get you in the mood for such seasonal activities as corn mazes, hay rides, and apple picking!

Autumn is a time when family + friends come together- whether its kids running around a pumpkin patch looking for the perfect jack-o-lantern to be, sharing fond memories over turkey, mashed potatoes + cranberry sauce, or watching a spooky movie with friends. Let Greenhouse help you make the transition from holiday to holiday a smooth one. Share your favorite transitional autumn decor using #GreenhouseHarvest2021.

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