Beeswax Pillar Candle


Fill and space with bright, cheery beeswax candlelight and a wonderful honey scent. Bee Hive Candles' solid beeswax pillar candles are exceptionally long lasting with a luscious honey scent and light golden color. Beeswax burns brighter and cleaner than any other type of candle. Each hypoallergenic beeswax candle is hand made using a lead-free 100% cotton wick and 100% pure beeswax from the USA.

Burn Times

2" x 3" - 25 hours

3" x 3" - 50 hours

3" x 6" - 110 hours



  • Made with 100% pure beeswax
  • Honey scented
  • Hand poured and hand finished
  • Antique appearance
  • Smoke and soot free
  • Naturally drip resistant

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