Handwoven Seagrass Baskets with Handles - Set of 3

SKU DF1606

Three sizes of handwoven seagrass baskets make organizing the home a little easier. Use for laundry, toys, games or other miscellaneous items. Stand them next to each other in the laundry room or bathroom and have family members sort their own clothes by placing the correct type of clothing or towel in the correct basket. Fill with different types of games and store on shelves for easy access on game night. The possibilities are endless.


  • Set of 3
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 13.75"        Height: 13.5"        Length: 13.75"
    • Width: 15.75"        Height: 14.5"        Length: 15.75"
    • Width: 17.75"        Height: 15.75"        Length: 17.75"
  • Handwoven seagrass
  • Handles

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