M'Steel Fry Pan

by Mauviel
SKU 3651.32

Inspired by the simple carbon steel cookware used throughout France, Mauviel's M'steel collection represents a return to the roots of cooking. Featuring exceptional heat transfer and the ability to be preheated to extremely high temperatures, M'steel cookware is perfect for searing, browning, stir-frying and more. Constructed from extra-thick carbon steel with riveted steel handles, this heritage-quality cookware will endure a lifetime of use.

The fry pan features a flat cooking surface for incredible results while searing and a sturdy, angled handle for easy tossing and sautéing. 


  • Carbon steel features excellent heat conduction
  • Heat safe to high temperatures, allowing extra-long preheating
  • Carbon steel becomes increasingly nonstick with each use
  • Extremely durable, commercial-grade carbon steel is safe for use with metal utensils
  • Can be used on Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen and Induction stovetops
  • Oven safe up to 680℉
  • Made in France



  • Hand wash with warm water immediately after use
  • Dry completely and store in a dry place to prevent rusting
  • Wipe with oiled paper towel 
  • Carbon steel will change color and develop a patina with use
  • Special Care Instructions: M'steel cookware ships with beeswax coating that must be removed prior to use. To remove coating, scrub with hot water. Pan must be seasoned to prevent corrosion. To season, dry pan completely after cleaning, then wipe with a thin coat of flavorless cooking oil. Heat until oil liquefies, then turn heat off and wipe off excess oil. Repeat as necessary. 

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