Three Piece Plum Handle Charcuterie Set

by Wusthof
SKU 8843

Unique from traditional cheese knife sets, the Three Piece Plum Charcuterie Set provides an assortment of blades ideal for cured meats, artisan breads and produce, and also provides shoppers with a chic and practical gift appropriate for many occasions, such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. The new Charcuterie Set is distinguished by the unique assortment of blades combined with a comfortable handle crafted from a rosy-hued plum wood, giving the Three Piece Plum Charcuterie Set a traditional feel that can complement any kitchen or home entertaining setting. Plum wood, which is exceptionally hard and features an attractive, straight grain pattern, is exceptionally durable and comfortable, and provides the set with a striking, on-trend design.



  • Includes: 5" sausage knife, 4" pate knife, and 5" soft cheese knife
  • Plum wood handles

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