Tiny T-Rex and the Very Dark Dark

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Tiny T. Rex and his friend Pointy are having a campout in the backyard!      It is what best friends do. But without their nighty-lights, the dark outside suddenly seems VERY dark . . . and very full of spooky things. Good thing Tiny has a super-secret plan to keep the dark at bay! Full of warmth and plenty of laughs, this new adventure starring Tiny T. Rex shows that friends will always find a way to face their fears together     €”even when those fears are not what they seem!

     €¢ A great read-aloud book for parents and children
     €¢ Hip, colorful art and delightful text make Tiny T. Rex an instant favorite of any dinosaur-loving toddler.
     €¢ A perfect book to help toddlers and children overcome a fear of the dark

Fans of silly picture books like      Dinosaur vs Bedtime,      We Don't Eat Our Classmates, and      Llama Destroys the World      will love the sweet spirit and continuing adventures of Tiny T. Rex.

Meet Tiny T-Rex! He may be a small dino in a BIG world, but that won't stop him from making friends, conquering his fears, and stomping his way into your heart.

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Tiny T-Rex and the Very Dark Dark

$15.99 $0.00( / )
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