Essentials for Your First Apartment

We’ve all been there. There is so much excitement with moving into your first apartment that it can be easy to forget some essentials in the process. Learn about the essentials so you feel prepared as you take that step. 

First Apartment Stockpot

The Kitchen

Start with the kitchen. Whether you are cooking up complete meals or if ramen is more of your staple meal, stick with the basics: one frying pan, one saucepan, and one stockpot. There are a variety of meals you can make with those three pieces of cookware. As you become a more experienced cook, add to your collection as you see fit. Don’t forget the cooking utensils! I recommend silicone utensils. They are easy to clean, durable and come in fun colors.

Next, it's time to serve dinner! Depending on the size of your apartment and what cupboard space is available, decide how many sets of dinnerware you'll need. For smaller spaces, stick with sets of four. Four dinner plates, four salad plates and four bowls. That way, dishes won’t stack up in the sink and you can save cupboard space. If you have the room to spare, or enjoy having guests over often, increase the number of sets to accommodate. 

 Commonly in apartments, there isn’t a designated dining space, or if there is, it is extremely small. This is where versatility comes into play. Pick a dining table that can be converted to a desk space easily. If your apartment has a bar counter, pick up some barstools and use that surface as your dining table. 

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First Apartment Living Rom  

The Living Room

You’ll likely be spending much of your time in your living room, whether it be hanging out with friends, binge watching the next Netflix show, or scrolling through your Instagram feed. Design it so you won't mind spending so much time in that space.

When it comes to apartments, maximizing space is everything. Look for furniture store and opt for fixtures that has dual purpose. Rather than choosing a large sofa, select a loveseat, Relax Club Chair and an ottoman that has additional storage inside. Floor cushions are also a must-have. Stack them in a corner or closet and when friends are over, pull them out for extra seating. 

Last but not least, maximize the lighting in this space. If your apartment has large windows, drape sheer curtains over so you can filter in the natural light. If your apartment is on the darker side with few windows, add in a lamp or two. Floor lamps are great to tuck into the darker corners of the space.


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  First Apartment Essentials Bedroom

The Bedroom

This room is all about comfort. Select items that will help you create a space of relaxation and rest. Use your intuition and creativity in this room. Mix patterns and textures for your bedding by including throws and pillows, experiment with shelving and décor. It’s your place and make sure it has your name all over it. 

Look into space saving solutions. If the closet space is minimal, include a dresser to the room for that additional storage. Under-the-bed storage is also a great solution for storing seasonal clothing items, or for miscellaneous items and supplies. Nightstands with drawers can be used as a charging station for your devices, as well as a place to keep your journal, a few books to read, and maybe a plant. Don’t forget to include a table lamp!

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The Bathroom

If you’re renting, this room can be difficult to customize due to restrictions. However, for the things you can change, have fun with it! Try a brightly patterned shower curtain and solid towels to match. Add a unique piece of artwork to fill that blank wall. And don’t forget a fluffy bathmat to tie the whole space together. 

Settled into your new apartment? Share below what tips you used! 

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