HGTV Design + Greenhouse

Here at Greenhouse, we are passionate about helping people transform a house into a home. So when the twins asked for our help with designing + staging homes for HGTV where we could show a broader audience little ways they can improve their own homes, of course we said yes!

Working with HGTV, we were able to flex our creativity and elevate our home staging designs. Each of HGTV's unsellable houses style is designed to be uniquely perfect for its architecture, location + potential buyer. As we always do when staging a home, we first assess the home. What are the qualities we want to highlight in the home? What's not so functional about the home's design + how do we fix it? What can we do to make this home stand out in today's competitive market?

Staging a home isn't just about having great personal style; it's about creating a welcoming and homey atmosphere that's palpable the second you walk in the front door. With this in mind, we create a comprehensive home design + style plan that covers every room of the home. From bathrooms, to attics, to bedrooms + living spaces, we are thorough in executing HGTV designs + HGTV Unsellable Houses style!


Design Services

Interested in giving your home the complete makeover staging treatment? You can have a home worthy of an HGTV 'after' scene! Contact us today at services@greenhousehome for a free consultation.