Ways to Style Your Home Using ShelfMates

When it comes to styling your home; it is easy to get lost in the pages upon pages of style and design ideas you come across in Pinterest and other interior design websites or apps.  I like to try to narrow the search by providing objects that I know can easily fit in a variety of style and sizes of homes and are easily customized.  Adding your personal touch of style is truly how you can make your house feel like a home.  Below is one simple way to do this; all you need is an empty wall (or nearly empty wall), a screwdriver, drill, and an order from your favorite home decor store and furniture store; Greenhouse! 

HGTV just recently aired an episode of Unsellable Houses where we transformed a  split model home into an open-aired modern dream (make sure and watch every Tuesday at 9pm!)  The home featured an office where we put together the fun design of the d-Bodhi ShelfMates.  These ShelfMates are perfect to use no matter what your style.  I have used them in modern, rustic, farmhouse, and transitional home design. 

They are incredibly easy to build and you can do so many different shapes and designs to make sure they work perfectly for the function in your home or space.  It allows you to add your home's style onto the shelving units in a simple cost effective manner.


The ShelfMate comes in an easy to ship flat box.  The contents inside include the shelf; black metal support, and the hardware with an Allen key.  Not included but necessary to install is a drill, marker or pencil, screwdriver, and wall plugs (optional)  

        Step 1 for d-Bodhi ShelfMate

Using Multiple Shapes & Sizes 

The 4 step directions are incredibly easy to follow and also show you how to easily combine the 5 different shapes and sizes.  Since all of the 5 varieties have the same features they are easy to move into symmetrical shapes such as a square or rectangle.  Shown below is how you can use anywhere from 4 - 7 ShelfMates to create either a rectangle or square shelving shape, depending on the size of your home and available wall.  We can then easily add texture and design with the items we decide to place on the shelving to add personal touch.

For the episode on Unsellable Houses; we wanted to create functional shelving in a small office space.  We used a ceiling to floor concept and used 11 ShelfMates.  Of the 11; we used all 5 of the various styles available, two A, four B, one C, three D, and one E. I recommend laying your pattern out on the floor before attempting to put it onto the wall and then tracing your pattern on the wall to ensure accurate placement and size. 

Once you have designed your shape and confirmed it will fit on your wall - Go For It! It took us just a couple hours to add all 11 pieces onto the wall for our present-day modern split level home and it added so much more to the space in terms of dimension and style and most importantly; function.

Now the fun part - DECORATE!

Now that your ShelfMates are securely on the wall the fun part begins - decorate! We have so many affordable small options to use in your space; from Eclectic to Rustic; we are sure to have something that fits your style and budget! I love putting plants on mine that will cascade and have room to grow and give a full dreamy effect. Let us know what you put on your ShelfMates by sending us images of how you used it!


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