The Ultimate Guide to Fall Cleaning

Hayrides, hot beverages, and pumpkin spice everything are here... but are you ready for everything the impending change of seasons entails? Before you transition to spending more time indoors, get your house ready for increased time inside- and get guest ready before the holidays- with this comprehensive de-cluttering + cleaning checklist. 

In the Living Areas

-Vacuum upholstered furniture + under cushions; rotate cushions if necessary
-Dust + water your plants
-Polish wood furniture if necessary
-Condition leather furniture if necessary
-Clean + disinfect all screens (TV, phone, monitors, etc.), keyboards, + remotes
-Wash + switch out summer throw blankets + pillows for heavier, warmer blankets + pillows 

            In the Kitchen

            -Declutter your kitchen cabinets. Are you ever going to use those cans of corned beef that you got by mistake from Instacart? If not, donate them to your local food bank; not only will you be making room in your cabinets for things you'll actually use, but you'll be able to help make a difference in your community.
            -Clean + disinfect your cabinets- inside + out. I recommend doing this one at the same time as decluttering your cabinets.
            -Clean + disinfect refrigerator- inside and out! Defrost, clean + disinfect your freezer, if necessary.
            -Clean oven
            -Throw out + replace any old, stained, or holey towels, napkins or other kitchen linens as necessary.
            -Wash + disinfect garbage + recycling bins.
            -Clean + disinfect countertops, floors + grout. If you have granite countertops, now is a good time to seal or polish them if necessary.

                    In the Bathroom

                    -Declutter unused + old products that you have never or will never use --again. Makeup artists, go through your products and throw out that expired mascara/powder/face mask/sunscreen. If you were going to use it, you'd have done so by now.
                    -Clean + disinfect cabinets, mirrors, toilets, baths, showers, and all the grout!
                    -Wash + disinfect garbage cans
                    -Replace old, stained, or holey towels 

                            In the Bedrooms/Closets

                            -Switch out seasonal clothes + donate or throw away anything that doesn't fit, is stained, or holey. This is also a good time to get rid of anything broken or unused from summer - like that swimsuit you never really liked or that pair of goggles that broke after one use - before putting it away. After all, what's the point in storing something you'll never use?
                            -Vacuum + flip mattress
                            -Refresh bedding- wash + switch out summer bedding for heavier winter bedding, replacing it if necessary

                                    Around the House

                                    -Wash walls, baseboards, + windows- and don't forget the sill or the screen! This is also a good time to replace or repair your screens or windows if needed.
                                    -Clean the washer + dryer
                                    -Clean + disinfect light switches, doorknobs, and doors
                                    -Dust EVERYTHING! I recommend starting from the very top- the ceiling- and working your way down. Don't forget around trim, your bookcases, any art hanging on the walls- even the leaves of your plants. Remember; if it's static, it needs dusting.
                                    -Sweep, mop, or vacuum your floors as applicable
                                    -Wash your curtains

                                            Bonus- Seasonal Maintenance

                                            -If you have a fireplace, you should be inspecting it every year, and sweeping it if necessary. The last thing you want is to try relaxing by the fireplace, only to accidentally start a housefire!
                                            -Inspect your HVAC unit + change the filter - this may require professional help, but is necessary if you want to guarantee your home will stay heated throughout the colder months
                                            -Clean out your gutters
                                            -Check weather stripping + replace if necessary

                                                    This is quite the list, so you may find it easier to go room by room, which is not only how I organized it, but how I get everything done myself. Even if you can't get everything done, doing just a few of these things can make a huge difference!


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