Bedroom Furniture & Decor Store In Bellingham, WA

Our Bellingham Exclusive Bedroom Collections

Here at Greenhouse, we believe that your bedroom should be a place for rest + relaxation, a place where you can sleep in after a long week or read before bed. With our incredible selection of custom order furniture available in-store exclusively, we can help you ground your dream bedroom in reality, no matter your style preference!

We offer made-to-order hardwood bedroom furniture from Gat Creek. Gat Creek products are made in the USA and signed at the bench by the artisan who builds it from personalized beds and nightstands to dressers and chests. Looking for something softer but just as unique? No problem! For those preferring a more soothing touch to their headboard, Stylus and American Leather offer a variety of upholstered bed frames and headboards, offering hundreds of fabric and leather options to match your personal aesthetic. If you want a custom piece that fits your taste and room, stop by our brick + mortar, and our friendly + knowledgeable sales associates will help you get started on creating a bedroom as unique as you!


Beds & Headboards

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so much so that the room is named after that single piece of furniture. You’ve got to ramp up your style game with this essential piece of furniture! Upholstered or polished hardwood, Sleigh beds can help you achieve a more traditional look, where other designs like metal rail bed frames can lend a farmhouse or even industrial accent. Have a small space? We offer beds with built-in storage and headboards without the extra bulk of an entire frame. With so many design options available, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs!


Nightstands & Dressers

Storage is a necessity in every room, and the bedroom is no exception. Not only do nightstands provide a place to put your morning coffee while you’re reading the paper in bed, but they really help pull the room together. With the help of a nightstand, it’s easy to keep your book, alarm clock, lamp, or beverage within reach. For clothes, blankets, and other linens, a dresser or chest of drawers can come in handy too. A short dresser in a bedroom can provide a tabletop to fold clothes neatly, or by adding a mirror, it can become a vanity.


Accent Benches & Chairs

For those with a bit of extra space in their boudoir, consider adding an accent chair in the corner next to a closet for a convenient place to sit down and put on your shoes, or by a window to create a peaceful reading nook or an area to lay out your outfit for the next day. Need more storage? A chest at the end of the bed can provide a surface on which to fold laundry and offers a place to store seasonal linens. Not only do these pieces serve practical purposes, but the proper selection can enhance the look of your space to get that high-end look in your bedroom.


Tying It All Together With Decor

Whatever look you’re going for in a bedroom, you need more than just furniture to achieve that in-home haven truly. Try looking for bed linens that match the aesthetic you’re looking for in your furniture. Additionally, having a variety of light sources is a necessity in the bedroom. Overhead lighting can be great for getting up and getting ready for the day, but it can be a bit harsh outside of picking your outfit for the day. A bedside lamp with a warm bulb can help set the mood before bed, giving you enough light to change into pajamas and get some reading in before bed while creating a peaceful, inviting atmosphere for a restful night. Adding an area rug, beautiful mirror, unique art prints, and perhaps a decorative pillow or two on the bed can go a long way in creating a cohesive aesthetic in any bedroom!