Home Office Furniture in Bellingham, WA

Stylish Furnishings for Your Home Office in Bellingham

Whether you’re working from home, doing your personal finances, or helping the kids with their homework, you deserve for your home office to be as stylish as you! While it may seem frivolous to put effort into such a workspace, creating a space that is as beautiful as it is organized, creating a space you want to be in, can increase your productivity. Even if you don’t have a designated room, there are sleek and slim designs that can help you create an inspiring and pleasant space to get your work done - whatever that work may be.

The key to creating a stylish home office is to start with some classic, simple, and as always, functional pieces. They style is found in the little details; it’s what you add that creates the kind of atmosphere that you long for. Greenhouse is here to help you create the home office space that you deserve! We serve the greater Bellingham community for all your home office furniture needs. From bookcases to adjustable heights desks to attractive filing cabinets, office media furniture, we have something for everyone - whatever your style. Whether you have the smallest layout to the biggest, we have something for you.


Home Office Bookcases

Surprise, surprise, bookcases make storing books, binders, and even displaying precious items like awards or photographs are easy. Bookcases without doors are great for keeping hardcover novels and reference books organized and even stylish, especially when used in conjunction with attractive bookends. Bookcases with doors can serve to hide some of your less attractive texts, like those dime store paperbacks, as well as store extra printer paper, tape, and other less attractive office necessities. Here at Greenhouse, we offer bookcases with doors, without doors, and even combination bookcases, like the Aura Bookcase. Combination bookcases can be great in areas with limited space, as they offer a unique multi-functionality, providing both stylish display shelving and hidden storage for your less glamorous items.


Desks for Your Home Workspace

You need the right desk to make your home office space as fabulous and functional as you deserve it. No matter how much space you have or what your style preferences are, you can find a desk to suit your home office needs in Bellingham at Greenhouse. For small spaces that require an element of extra compactness and multifunctionality, try a folding desk, like the D-Bodhi Folding Table with Chalkboard. This folding desk mounts to the wall, so it’s only out when you need it! It also has a chalkboard on the underside of the desk that you can use to leave notes or make to do lists when folded up. If you have a little extra space and are looking for something more health conscious, try and adjustable height desk! The Sequel Lift Desk is an electronically powered, adjustable standing or sitting desk with height memory settings and zero-tolerance for cable visibility. Looking for a traditional wood executive desk? Or do you need a basic writing desk? No problem: come and visit us in our downtown Bellingham store to find your dream desk!


Cabinets to Complement Your Home Office Workstation

Do you have a lot of important documents to store? You may want to think about investing in an attractive filing cabinet. Without a proper filing system, your contracts, bills, and other essential documents can be lost or damaged. Filing cabinets are the fix to this problem. We carry traditional wood cabinets, like the Lifestyle File Cabinet from LH Imports, or into a more contemporary, multifunctional file cabinet, like the Sequel Multifunction Cabinet. As multitasking as the name states, this cabinet comes with a generous lateral file drawer, two smaller storage drawers, a sliding printer shelf, and a fixed shelf, so it can act as a printing station, storage, and filing solution all at once!


Home Office Shelves and Wall Racks

Don’t have room for a full bookcase? Try looking into wall shelves. This can free up desk space for work and add extra storage without taking up your limited floor space. The idea is to streamline your workspace to fit your lifestyle by hanging wall shelves and adding storage vertically so you can dedicate your furniture surfaces to your work, or even just have a little extra room for your favorite décor pieces. Make sure you have an idea of the kind of shelving you need; some shelving is meant to be exclusively decorative, and some is heavier duty, utilizing brackets to support the weight of heavier items like books.


Our Home Office Furniture Collections

Looking for home office furniture in a particular style? We’ve got several different collections, including Mid Century Modern, Rustic, Transitional, Industrial, and Contemporary.

If you prefer a rustic style, check out the D-Bodhi collection from LH Imports. This collection features cozy + natural reclaimed or recycled teak wood from Java. Teak wood grows in abundance in the hills of East Java. It is an ongoing tradition for Javanese families to keep their homes for three generations of family before tearing it down and building anew for the next three generations. Extended families in rural areas still build these beautiful, simple knock-down homes. It’s from these torn down houses that much of the woods is derived.

Transitional style is perfect for those craving a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings and décor. It is an elegant and timeless design that combines new and old world, masculine and feminine energies in a new way. The Aura collection is a prime example of this, with its mix of materials, shapes, and wood tones. Each piece boasts an Italian Carrara marble top and solid Acacia wood frame.

For those always interested in the newest technology, Contemporary is the style for you.

Everything BDI offers is on the cutting-edge of home office furniture, from their adjustable height desks to their modular storage systems, to their multi-functional filing cabinets. Each piece from BDI elegantly combines modern engineering and innovative design to create workspaces that are equal parts organization and inspiration.


Greenhouse Home - A Perfect Place to Find All Type of Contemporary Furniture

One of the most important parts of any home office is the furniture. We at Greenhouse have a grand variety of office furniture to choose from, including desks, chairs, and other home office pieces. Whether you’re working from home, doing schoolwork, or filing taxes, an organized space that looks nice can go a long way to improve your focus and productivity. The right furniture and décor make your space more comfortable so you can get more done. So, stop by our downtown Bellingham store today and start creating the home office space that you deserve! Want to read more about how to improve your home décor? Read more tips and tricks on our blog or email us at services@greenhousehome.com to request an in-home design consultation!