Kitchen Supply Store in Bellingham, WA

A Variety Of Styles For Your Kitchen & Dining Needs

Are you looking to update your kitchen? Greenhouse stocks all the kitchen utensils, gadgets, cookware, and bakeware to keep your kitchen as fashionable as it is functional. We have what you need to cook a quick dinner for the family to the most significant holiday dinner parties, from the largest cast iron dutch ovens to the smallest kitchen gadgets! We’re here to make food preparation that much easier; whether you need a nonstick sauté pan, cookie sheets or cutting boards, a stockpot, or a set of mixing bowls, we have kitchen tools to meet both your décor style and your cooking needs. Whether you’re a budding chef, replacing worn tools, or Ina Garten, the queen of dinner parties herself, you should invest in a few basics to make your kitchen work for you. Kitchen utensils and gadgets can also make great housewarming, wedding, birthday, or even Christmas presents!


Utensils & Gadgets

No matter your cooking style, there are a few kitchen gadgets that can help enhance your dishes. Some tools such as citrus juicers, egg poachers, and popcorn makers are food-specific. In contrast, others like measuring cups + spoons, ricers, spiralizers, and thermometers are used in a wide variety of culinary applications. Not a gadget person? If you aren’t regularly hulling strawberries, you may not need that specific tool. Still, there are a few gadgets that everyone often needs enough that they’re worth the investment and additional cleaning, like can openers, peelers, or timers. Think about what kitchen utensils and gadgets are best for you.



At Greenhouse, you’ll find a perfectly curated selection of top-notch quality cookware in a variety of materials. No kitchen is complete without a type of essential cookware. We have everything from nonstick fry pans, cast iron skillets, enamel on steel kettles + stockpots, stainless steel sauce pots, and carbon steel crêpe pans. We proudly carry the Le Creuset brand, legendary for their enameled cast iron; they’re the pioneers in the specialty cookware and have been handcrafting products in France since 1925. Trusted by home cooks and master chefs alike, their iconic oven is the backbone of kitchens worldwide, now and for generations to come. Long recognized for its strength + durability, the cast iron dutch oven is ideal for slow cooking, braising, and roasting, thanks to its ability to maintain even and consistent heat. The enameled oven requires no seasoning, and the non-stick properties make cleanup a breeze!



Whether you’re the Cake Boss himself or looking to be the next star baker in your own home, expanding your bakeware pieces with versatile items never hurts! Consider your baking goals when selecting dishes for your home; are you making an elaborate cake with several layers? Or are you looking for a dish that’s sturdy enough to bake in but pretty enough to serve guests from? Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered! Stoneware pieces, like pie plates + baking dishes, are great investments for bakers who want to serve their guests straight from the baking dish. Nonstick bakeware is excellent when making things like cake or bread that will be served out of the tin. Sheet pans are an absolute necessity in my house; not only can they be used for cookies, but they’re great for things like braided bread and roasting veggies. Don’t forget to pick up hot pads while you’re shopping!


Storage & Organization

In addition to providing top-quality cookware, bakeware, kitchen utensils, + gadgets, we at Greenhouse understand the importance of keeping all those items properly stored and organized. Consider using enameled metal or stoneware jars for attractive, easy-access storage for frequently used things like sugar, coffee, tea, flour, etc. If you’re someone who likes to keep fresh produce around, small baskets can make beautiful fruit bowls and are also an attractive way to keep bread and other baked goods. For all your most-used kitchen utensils, consider a stoneware or enameled crock. Looking for sustainable food storage? Try Bee’s Wrap! Bee’s Wrap is the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Use the warmth from your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the Wrap will hold its shape.