Chef's Oven Precision Oven Thermometer

by OXO
SKU 9978

An accurate thermometer is a must for safe and precise oven cooking, baking, roasting and braising. OXO's Chef's Precision Oven Thermometer stays securely in place in a wide range of ovens (tested with 50 different models) and to withstand the opening, closing, rotating and general wear and tear that comes with active oven use. The integrated clip has a unique, inverted v-shape that grips oven racks snugly when hanging, and an angled base to provide extra stability when standing. With large, easy-to-read numbers for quick temperature readings, this sturdy Thermometer will stand the test of time.



  • Withstands general wear and tear of active oven use
  • Clips securely inside oven
  • Reads in Fahrenheit and Celsius

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