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Now more than ever, our homes need to function as a haven, a calming and comfortable place free from the stresses of the outside world. Whether you're sitting down to share a meal with your loved ones, kicking back and watching a movie, or reading in bed, your home should inspire feelings of relaxation and contentment all while still reflecting your personal style. The key is finding that delicate balance between beauty and behavior, between form and function.

The moment you open your door and walk in, you should have that moment of 'it's okay to slow down now'. Some Wall Hooks provide a place to hang your coat and purse while adding décor to your home. Notice the wall hooks next to the door, the basket in the corner for extra storage, the chair, with its soft throw and cushion, by the stairs inviting you to sit down and take a load off. 

Whether your home is big or small, anyone can use these home design tips to make their home cozy and comfortable. Our favorite tricks include layering soft rugs, layering your lighting, and only picking out the coziest of blankets and pillows to throw onto your favorite seat on the sofa!

Layering lighting is important to do in every space. The lighting of a room can change the mood in an instant. Want to create an intimate environment for a romantic dinner? Dim any overhead lights, put some candles on the table, and see what a difference it makes! Plus, lamps are a gorgeous, functional way make a style statement in your home. Beauty and function are so often seen as separate things, but here at Greenhouse, we view beauty as a function all its own.

A great way to carry coziness into the dining room- aside from layered lighting, of course, is with the use of cloth table linens. A simple runner down the center of the table with coordinating (this doesn't need to mean matching!) cloth napkins serves the dual purpose of adding a softer texture to your table top, as well as providing something to wipe away crumbs! 

When it comes right down to it, a comfortable home design is created by making your spaces fit your lifestyle and personal tastes. If you love entertaining, make a point of creating a gorgeous tablescape or keeping a well-stocked bar cart. If you love having movie nights, make sure you have a plush sectional with more pillows and throws than you know what to do with; make a point of having plenty of cocktail tables around so you can put your drinks and snacks down.

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