Creating Your Dream Master Bedroom

Creating Your Dream Master Bedroom

Defining + Creating your Space to Fit You

Home is always a personal space, but the bedroom is a space where you should feel the most like yourself. When creating, or redefining your bedroom space, you must see to it that it is a space surrounding you with peace, allowing you to relax, rest, + sleep. Decorating and designing doesn't necessarily mean putting the newest trends in there, it means to decorate and design in a way that will express you and your personality. 

When beginning with a clean slate, or a room that already has the bones built in it, there are a few steps to help you get started on the right path. From embracing the homes bones, to creating new bones, there is always a way to make it feel like you + your personality.

Steps in Designing + Redefining

When starting down the path of redesigning + redefining your Master Bedroom, it is always good to start by assessing your needs + wants for the space. This could be as simple as decding if you want a TV in there, or space to do work. Or if you would prefer it to be just a space of relaxation + rest. There isn't a wrong, or right way to go with this, it is purely your preference.

Once you have assessed your personal needs, then you can begin to decide furniture needs. Whether that be a simplistic way of living, or having the need for multiple dressers, vanities, or nightstands. Every person has a unique way of living and it is critical you embrace your lifestyle and grow with it.

Lighting isn't just for the sole purpose of lighting up the room, but rather creating an ambience, or feeling in there that will encourage relaxation + rest.

When it comes to the design + color concept for your room, you might not get exactly what you see, or want online due to the architectual look of your home. The architecture of your home is a very important factor in the design concept + growth, so embracing it will do wonders for you.

Embrace the Architecture

Considering the architectural elements of your home is important for various reasons. You don't want your Mid-Century Home fighting with your Craftsman style. Finding a balance between your homes bones + the style you want to achieve might be a challenge, but owning the roots you have can help you create a space you never imagined.

If you are wanting a change in your space, take a look around and decide it if is the furniture + decor you are hoping to change, or if it's the home itself. By figuring out + understanding this, you will be able to fully embrace the change you are hoping for.

By amplifying your homes design traits, you will do nothing but good for the space. Bringing in pieces of decor and furniture to your home and bedroom that accent the bones, it will feel more and more peaceful + collective.

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