How to Live + Shop for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Choosing the right sustainable path for your lifestyle . . .

Greenhouse Home is very aware + always continuing to grow in the right direction when it comes to helping the environment + our impact on the earth. We continue to educate ourselves daily on sustainable products, so we can bring them to you + help you on this path as well! Having a carefully curated selection of sustainable goods in our store makes it incredibly accessible to live a healthy + sustainable life.

Swedish Dishcloth. . .

Sustainable Swedish dishcloths meet Color Centre hues. Made from cotton and cellulose fibers, these 100% compostable kitchen must-haves are an excellent sustainable alternative to paper towels and sponges. Swedish Dishcloths are an excellent way to avoid creating more waste from paper towels. One of the best parts about using Swedish Dishcloths is that you can wash them with your clothes or in your dish washer up to 200 times before composting them.

Focusing on Sustainable Products

What's the Buzz About Bee's Wrap?

Bee’s Wrap is made with organic cotton that's coated with sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. The result? An easy, reusable + stylish way to save the environment.

Eco-Friendly Cutting Boards

Embrace your inner gourmet with Epicurean Gourmet Cutting Boards. The thicker profile and heavier weight of these boards will give you confidence to cut and chop. A juice groove on one side keeps things tidy, and there is a flat food prep surface on the other – perfect for your most challenging recipes. The Gourmet Series boards are made from a recycled paper composite that promotes a sustainable lifestyle.


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