Go Faux: Build Your Own Faux Terrarium

Do you absolutely love the look of succulents but don’t exactly have a green thumb? Go faux! It’s easy to achieve the same look and feel, but with less attention. Follow these steps to create your very own!

Faux succulents

Pick a Container

Get creative with this step! Going faux has many benefits, but the biggest one is the freedom in choosing the container for your arrangement. Bowls, hanging planters, vases, even lanterns can all be used, and each one provides a different look. The options are endless!


Select Succulents + Greenery

Play around with a variety of textures, sizes and colors, but let your container be your guide. If you opted for a hanging planter, try a trailing succulent or an air plant. For a tall vase, look for elongated succulents, such as aloe picks or cactus stems. Mix and match, have fun with this part!

Faux Succulents

The Final Step

The final step is to add in some filler sand or decorative stones. Not only will this create a more organic and natural look, it will keep your arrangement in place. Feel free to use just one filler or multiple types for an interesting layered look.


Once you’re done, display your masterpiece anywhere in your home!


Holiday Decoration:


Greenhouse Terrarium Succulents


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