Coffee Table Decorating Tips

The coffee table has the ability to tie together the living room in a cohesive way. However, decorating it properly can seem like a daunting task. There are many ways to adorn your coffee table, so we compiled a list of some of our favorite coffee table décor ideas.

Contemporary Coffee Table

For the Book Lover 

Nothing makes a better conversational piece than an interesting coffee table book. With so many books on unique topics, you’re bound to find a few to display that will make for entertaining conversation starters. For a minimalist look, only keep one out at a time. Another option is to stack up a few of your favorite novels on the coffee table for a more classic appearance.


Modern + Contemporary

If your décor style is modern, go for a coffee table that has sleek, clean lines and classic colors, like brown and black. Decorate it with a geometric vase, or a metal tray lined with candles as a centerpiece. For a finishing touch, add a book filled with modern architecture to tie in a complete contemporary feel.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse + Rustic

If your home has a rustic and farmhouse appearance, select a coffee table in a traditional silhouette and wood construction. For decoration, use a ceramic vase on your coffee table and swap out botanicals depending on the season. Or select a lantern and place pillar candles inside to create a warming glow.


A Touch of Nature

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers and plants. Depending on your interior décor, pick what fits best. If you have a desert theme home filled with terracotta and natural tones, a potted cactus on the coffee table would tie the space together. Does your space have more of a farmhouse feel? Use a variety of flowers to adorn your coffee table.

Scandinavian Coffee Table

Scandinavian Influence

For this one, pick an ottoman to be your coffee table! To create a flat surface to hold your morning coffee, use a wood or metal tray with a potted plant for an organic feel. Even better, when you need additional seating, simply move the tray and you can use the ottoman as an extra seat. 


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