How To Have a Stylish Home Office

If you’re working from home, having a separate work space is important to help separate your work life and your home life, if not physically than mentally. It can also help you to maximize your productivity. A home office should be functional, yes, but it should also be chic, comfortable, and overall, an inspiring place to work.

There’s a few pieces that every home office needs to, well, be a home office. So, let’s start with the basics! Every office needs a combination of ambient and task lighting, a desk, and a comfortable chair, at the bare minimum. Additionally, most offices need shelving, drawers, and other such organizational supplies and tools as well. Your office essentials will depend on the type of work you do, the size of the room, and how frequently you’re working from home.

If working from home is a long-term choice for your career, you’ll want to invest in comfortable, high-quality furniture to maximize both your style and productivity. Put some thought into how you work and what makes you most productive. It’s important to know how you need your office space to function because if you get something wrong, you’re going to feel it for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Set yourself up for success by anticipating and avoiding potential distractions and problems.

Modern home office design balances comfort, functionality, and aesthetics to create an atmosphere conducive to both creativity and productivity. Before you go running out to buy new office fixtures in the furniture store, declutter your current space. A huge part of creating your optimal space is ensuring that you have room to actually work. If you need some help with this organization process, try reading the article How to Organize a Home Office, also available on our blog.


It is essential to find a desk that works for you. It should be large enough to hold your monitor, notepad, and whatever else you may need to use while you’re actively working. Similarly, the chair you plan to use is worth investing in; that extra lumbar support goes a long way. If you find that sitting all day isn’t conducive to your productivity, consider investing in a standing or adjustable height desk, like the Sequel Lift Desk from BDI. Your desk should be placed in the room in an area where you won’t get excessive glare onto your monitor from whatever light sources you have in the room, and where the view won’t be especially distracting. Having your desk right in front of a window works well for some, but a huge distraction for others. 

If you have a spare room you can turn into a dedicated office in your home, that’s wonderful! Even if it’s fairly small, there’s nearly endless possibilities of how you can set up, organize, and style your at-home work space. If you aren’t lucky enough to have that spare room, don’t worry! There are a number of other ways that you can create a dedicated office space in your home.

If you have a spare closet or an alcove under the stairs, consider setting up your desk and some filing cabinets or shelves inside it. Using a closet can be great who need to be able to physically close the door on their work day in order to close that door mentally. Putting an office underneath the stairs not only gives you a clearly designated workspace in your home, it can make for a great use of an otherwise awkward and oft under-utilized space! 

Home office closet

Whatever space you decide to use, it’s important to make sure that you pick furniture and accessories  discerningly, to fit both the space and aesthetic. If you want to close the door on that closet-office, make sure you get a chair that can easily be pushed in under the desk, and corkboard or other office accessories and decor that don’t overwhelm an already smaller workspace.

No matter what you do or aesthetic style you choose to pursue, there’s a few basic things to remember when designing your home office space. Even if you plan to use a nook or closet, you’ll still need space to move around a bit, if only to shuffle around your notes and pens, get something out of the printer, or stretch your legs. It doesn’t matter how cute your tchotchkes are, if your space is cluttered, it's not stylish or functional. Try to choose items that keep you both organized and engaged.

Choose a color scheme conducive to your work. If grays make you feel bored and sleepy when you’re trying to be productive, then stay away from them. Try going for something bright, like white, or an energizing pop of color, like yellow. You could try painting your walls a calming sage, and add soft lilac accents if you want to add an extra feminine touch to your decor. I recommend that whatever colors you pick, you make sure that they won’t be distracting, depressing, or yawn-inducing. You deserve a space that inspires creativity. 

As with any room you’re going to be in, it’s important that you make your furniture comfortable and functional. That gorgeous reclaimed wood may be beautiful, but if it’s too textured to write on, you may want to consider another material for your desk, or put a piece of glass over it so you have a smooth surface on which to write.

As wonderful as working from home can be, staying motivated in a place where you’re typically trying to relax can be difficult. So make an impact with your space- use those bold graphics, splurge on the stylish wall calendar, and accessorize in style with metallic accents and some fantastic foliage. Never underestimate the power of a houseplant in your workspace- at home or in the office. After all, what boosts your mood like a little plant friend?

Whether you’re working from home, setting up a household command center, or an entrepreneur, we at Greenhouse have everything from chic and ergonomic desks, to shelving, lighting, rugs, and decor accessories to keep you organized and motivated while working from home. Still not sure how to get started with designing your home office? Fill out our contact form and inquire about our design services!


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