Tips for Decorating a Small Bathroom

Whoever said ‘bigger is better’ lacked creativity. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have the most square footage, it doesn't mean it needs to lack functionality or style. Feeling like you’re having trouble decorating your small bathroom? Just because your space is tiny doesn’t mean you can’t pack a stylish punch. We’re here to advise on creating the most chic and stylish of diminutive powder rooms!

Small bathrooms come in a whole host of floor plans and designs, each one presenting its own unique characteristics and challenges. From triangular, standing room only bathrooms, to sloped ceilings, there’s a stylish solution for every space. Our advice–  embrace the unconventional. Awkward, unusually constructed spaces can be daunting to tackle, but rather than fret over cumbersome angles, find creative ways to make those features work for you. Take note of those unexpected areas, and use that space by installing shelves or hanging a unique mirrors or art. Try tucking a shower seat bench under a slanted ceiling, or install hooks for towels.

Work with your bathroom’s inherent architecture, and enhance it with your own sense of style. If you love maximalism and glamour, switch out the hardware for brushed brass or try using wallpaper for a bold statement. Add some drama with a pendant light, and dress up your vertical space with wall art. Make unexpected accents work for you, and when in doubt, choose storage solutions that are both functional and beautiful. When your bathroom is truly tiny, every piece needs to count because you don’t have the space for too many things. So try combining a striking sink with a bold color palette and striking wallpaper. The goal is to create a space that feels luxurious and special enough that you want to be in it, no matter its size.

Every small bathroom provides its own challenges; here are some general tips to keep your tiny bathroom from feeling claustrophobic.

If you have a window, don’t block the sunlight. The bright, natural light will help create a calming ambience, as well as provide great light for such bathroom activities as applying makeup or plucking eyebrows. The combination of abundant natural light and white walls can also make a space look a lot bigger and more inviting. 

Try a neutral, natural color palette. Keeping your color palette light and airy will keep your small space bright and visually broaden the tiniest of spaces. Stick with classic whites, taupes, soft greys, and incorporate natural surfaces like wood and stone for a calming, more open feel.

If your tiny bathroom has a shower or bath, try replacing your shower curtain with a glass door (bonus points if it’s sliding rather than hinged), or if that’s not an option, a clear curtain. An opaque shower curtain acts as a room divider, making the room feel that much smaller. Additionally, try continuing the floor tile into the shower to create continuity and the illusion of more space.

Evaluate your storage needs. If you’re decorating a guest powder room, storage may not be a priority for you. If this is the case, consider using a console sink with metal detailing over a bulky vanity cabinet. Leaving space open under the sink visually expands the square footage, giving the illusion of more space

If you are desperate for more storage, swap out your mirror for a medicine cabinet. Never underestimate the power of tried and true space saving solutions; they’re classics for a reason. Store your toothbrush and other toiletries while maintaining a polished appearance in your compact space.

In a similar vein of ensuring you don’t waste any potential decor or storage space, you can try the toilet tank decor + towel rack + wall shelf combo. A high shelf can be used to store decanted products, extra towels, plants or art; the towel rack is necessary in any powder room, as well as functional decor such as a diffuser on top of the toilet tank. The toilet tank is basically extra counter space, and if you use a tray or decorative basket or bowl, you can create a layered look while keeping a barrier between the toilet and your things.

While small bathrooms get a bad rap, there are some advantages. Smaller rooms require you to use your space as efficiently as possible, which can lead to creative storage solutions and prevent you from accumulating clutter. It’s a lot more difficult to hoard beauty products when you don’t have anywhere to put them. It’s also easier to make a big statement with fewer changes in a smaller space, and when redoing things like flooring or wall paper, you’re saving money since you don’t need as much of it. So don’t despair over your lack of space; use it to your advantage and prioritize style by making a bold statement with your decor.

Don’t let your limited space stop you from living large! Let’s be honest, if a room is truly stunning, nobody will care about the lack of space. Just remember that all you really need to make your bathroom look as good and work as hard as a large ensuite is some more strategic styling solutions and determination. Your morning and night routines need not be any less glamorous or efficient. When done right, your tiny bathroom could become your new favorite room! Still feeling unsure of how to proceed with your small bathroom redecorating? Fill out our contact form online to get an in-home consultation for design help!


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