Let’s Inspire Your Home Décor Plans

Here at Greenhouse, we hand-pick every item that goes into our store, creating a highly curated collection of inspiring, quality products for all your home + decorating needs. We understand how difficult it can be to create a functional, stylish home, and our team of friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you turn your house into the inspired, intentional home you deserve. 

Whether it’s ordering the custom furniture of your fantasies, deciding on a new tablescape, or simply picking out the perfect pot for your new plant pal, Greenhouse is here to help turn your house into the HGTV-worthy home of your dreams!


How Can I Make My Home Décor Work for Me?

The first step in design is always, always, always, to assess your space! You need to ask yourself the basic questions about whatever room you are designing. What we need out of a bedroom is far different than of a living or dining room. So, ask yourself, what am I using this space for? How much time am I spending in this room? Is it a public or private space? How do I need this space to work in my life?


Taking the time to answer these questions can help you ascertain exactly what it is you need in your space and will inform all kinds of future decisions from layout and furniture, to color scheme and wall décor. Even if you know what kind of room you want, you still need to think about how you’ll use it. A clean minimalist design might be great for someone with a lot of closets and other storage to hide all their things- yes, minimalists might not like to admit it, but most of them still have all the same stuff, they’ve just committed to organizing and/or hiding it.


The Essential Steps to Decorating Any Room

Once you’ve done that, you can get to the really fun stuff, and pick out your accent pieces! Here at Greenhouse, we have all kinds of home décor products, from wall art + mirrors to throw blankets, rugs, and so much more! While we do keep up with latest trends in our décor, we also carry all kinds of evergreen styles. You can see this in our careful curation of our products.

Everything at Greenhouse has its own story to tell, from the understated and elegant gold framed mirrors that can be used in just about any room, to the chunky and gorgeous white wool knit throw to hand-woven lidded baskets, perfect for providing discreet + attractive storage. We carry all the home décor products you need to take your home from stifling to stimulating!


Wall Art + Mirrors

Rugs and mats can make or break a room; while they don’t need to be the inspiration for the entire space (but they absolutely can be! My roommate and I used a small silk rug she picked up in Morocco as the inspiration for our living room and is a key focal point in the space), they can make a room feel more complete, and certainly more comfortable, particularly if you have hard wood floors. We carry all kinds of styles and sizes from abstract runners to graphic entry way mats to traditionally patterned, room-covering area rugs. Of course, we also have the often forgotten, but oh so important, rug pads!

Having problems with your rugs sliding around the room? Get a rug pad. Floor too hard, even with a rug? Get a rug pad. Rug pads can make a world of difference in keeping your rug in place, and some even provide extra cushion- something that can provide much needed comfort at the end of a busy day.


Rugs + Mats

Of course, even with the perfect layout, furniture and statement making wall décor, a room can still feel unfinished without the finishing touches. Style and design are all about creating little moments, little vignettes if you will. And for that, we need tchotchkes. Or delicious smelling candles, or fancy triple-milled French soaps, lotions made from hydrating and soothing goat’s milk. These can be easy to overlook, but would a bath even be relaxing without candlelight?

To me, a room isn’t complete without a candle, plant friend, framed photo, or random decorative object whose only purpose is to bring joy. Beauty can be the only function an object has, and that’s okay- healthy, even. So, if that gold puffer fish paperweight or bouquet of faux florals brings you joy, put it on your desk or shelf, and let it be. You deserve to add inspiration and sweetness to your home + life.


Our Collections + Products

We have what you need to create a comfortable, inspiring, and intentional home, including your outdoor living spaces! We carry sustainable and durable outdoor furniture, lighting, and more! Whether you need citronella candles to fend off bloodsuckers, a rocking chair for your front porch, or melamine dishes for an upcoming backyard barbecue, we’re here to create spaces that inspire and encourage you, your family, and your friends to live life to the fullest. We even have solar powered outdoor lighting! Inspired by Mediterranean bazaars, these Tyvek lanterns feature intricate punched motifs that cast captivating patterns of light at night and are designed for year-round use.


Lighting Fixtures

Change and beauty are necessary to keep us inspired and motivated as humans. It’s important to look for ways to breathe new life into your home. It may not always be feasible to do an entire remodel, but by introducing even one new element at a time and rearranging what you already have, you can make your home décor work for you, and keep things feeling fresh + inspired! It could be as simple as a new rug, replacing an old mirror, or switching up your light fixtures. (All things we carry at Greenhouse!) It might seem like a hassle but switching out builder grade ceiling lights for even the simplest of pendants, or adding a table lamp for some softer, more inviting lighting can make all the difference.

Your Home Décor + Furniture Specialist!

These little things add up to big changes in how your home makes you feel. Our style + trend savvy staff can help you pick out the perfect statement piece to give your home that fresh dose of inspiration and joy. Shopping online? No problem! We update our product listings daily, and all inquiries sent to info@greenhousehome.com will be answered promptly and to the best of our abilities. We’re here to help you make the best design choices for your life! For more inspiration, tips, + tricks, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @greenhousehome, or visit us at our brick + mortar in downtown Bellingham, WA!


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