Modern Mediterranean

We at Greenhouse Home, strive to continually curate for you updated designs that bring your home to life and give it the personality and individuality it deserves.  Recently, Greenhouse Home had the opportunity to design + stage a home on HGTV's Unsellable Houses. It seems like yesterday and like a lifetime ago all at once, but this home, the season 2 finale home, is our favorite staging yet. 

Located by the water, our inspiration for this home was the Aegean Sea – bringing in teal and blue hues with light reflecting tile and  glasswork into each room, mimicking the sun sparkling on the ocean. Accenting with cane for texture and a touch of black for added detail and depth, modern living stands out strong. This style brings in the warmth and comfort of the sea while allowing us to use natural wood and cane.

We brought this look throughout the entire home, using blue glass vases and blue textured ceramic table lamp wherever we want that gorgeous reflected light. We also brought in marble accents; Carrara marble, the Italian stone, can be found in almost every city in the nation. That prized white color in Carrara marble is due to its pure calcium carbonate composition. 

One of the best (and most inspiring!) things about this home was the amazing view of the water, and the balcony to enjoy it on. We love our outdoor living spaces, and we have the décor and lighting to make them even better! Inspired by outdoor markets, our outdoor lighting from Allsop is solar powered and created from ultra-durable Tyvek. Each design has an intricate pattern punched into it, which when illuminated at dusk, cast captivating patterns of light each night.

Modern Mediterranean style is meant to be fun, easygoing, but still classic. If you love this look, you can shop the entire collection here.


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