Farmhouse, But Make It Vintage

The essence of farmhouse décor may be practicality, but your home needs to act as both workspace and as a retreat. Historically, practical choices have been essential for working families, and that is why it is continues to be so appealing. We are can all recognize this style from HGTV, but that doesn't mean you can't make it your own. This style is fluid, flexible, and the elements blend well with other styles. But before you can put your own twist on a classic style, you need to understand the basics.

Industrial Touches

Brick walls, rustic lighting, galvanized metal accents—pops of these more rustic, industrial finishes make a home feel authentic and bring warmth and comfort to a space. We at Greenhouse recently had the opportunity to stage a house for HGTV's Unsellable Houses, and decided to put our own vintage twist on the style. This house featured a brick fireplace painted burgundy, with the wall above it featuring a gorgeous black tile. Another great way to bring in some more vintage industrial touches are with lighting, sink, and cabinet fixtures featuring galvanized metal and antique brass. Of course, how could we forget the most simultaneously subtle and stunning touch of all, reclaimed and exposed woods. What is more practical and gorgeous than a little  reclaimed wood step stool in the corner of the kitchen or living room? Open shelving made of exposed wood and a dark metal are a great way to add that practical, industrial element into your home while adding storage to your space!



Bright Whites + Airy Linens

Even when they’re not covered in shiplap, white walls create a clean palette that’s classic to this style. From there, it’s a personal choice on the level of color you want to incorporate. Many homeowners tend to stick to black and white, creating a more modern farmhouse look, while others add in pops of of one or two specific colors. I know it seems odd to say 'use white' and then start talking about using color, but every room needs some layering, some flavor. A great way to limit your use of color while still packing a major punch, is to use patterns that feature the colors in your palette. Lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen are standard elements in almost any farmhouse-style abode thanks to their durability and ability to transition easily from season to season. Loose, light curtains and soft, neutral linens add a cozy, relaxing feel to any room, all while providing privacy to your haven from the outside world.



Vintage Elements

We believe every home should have vintage, heirloom pieces, but this is especially important for farmhouse-style homes. Distressed and cracked surfaces pose no problems—the older the better! Vintage pieces bring in the character that’s so beloved in farmhouse style. Don't have any family heirlooms? That's okay! Everyone has to start somewhere, and new items are still okay, especially when you invest in heirloom quality, handmade pieces, like the gray rocking chair pictured below! One of my favorite ways to add a vintage touch and a personal touch at the same time is by displaying old family photos in fun frames.



Perhaps it’s the nostalgia for a simpler time when people appreciated the smaller things in life, or maybe it's the particular blend of industrial practicality with all the comfort and kitsch one person can stand, but vintage farmhouse style has earned the title of 'classic'.  Remember, decorating your home can't be rushed. Take your time and think about all of your options, you’ll love your home all the more when you put intention behind every piece of your home. Most of all, have fun with it! 

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