Our 6 Favorite Spring 2019 Decor Trends

With the new season in full gear, we put together a list of our favorite Spring 2019 trends. 


Swap out cool grays with jewel tones

Deep, rich jewel tones offer dimension and deserve to have their moment around the home. They are great to layer with paintings, fabrics and rugs intermixed with accessories to create interesting texture. Play with contrasting the jewel tones against a stark white background for added depth. My personal favorite jewel tone this season is a dark teal. Even better, jewel tones compliment Living Coral, the Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year!

 *Rug Shown: Loloi LAZ-03 Mediterranean/Graphite. Can be special ordered.

Don't forget the organics!

Not only do fresh plants help purify the air, they add pops of fresh color to the space. I love my collection of plants and attribute them to giving me a sense of relaxation when I enter the door. Having purified air and the beautiful, lively, deep and lush greens all around helps me let go of the day. With this spring season, going back to nature and breaking away from our technological world has become popular, and understandably so!

For those that don’t have a green thumb, start bringing in organic materials into your house, like stone and wood furniture. Just by having those textures in the home can have a similar effect if you were to have plants. Focus on wood furniture that you find to be unique in texture, one that is innately earthy and alive.


Pink tones are a must have this season

To go with the Color of the Year, blush, dusty pinks and bronzes are coming into the scene. These soft pinks are great to break up large expanses of taupe and neutrals for an instant update on a tired room. Retire the cool colors with warm neutrals for this spring season.

My favorite: curved furniture!

One of my personal favorites! The soft lines of curved furniture are so appealing and brightening. It helps create a calm, peaceful space, and when paired with subtle pinks, natural woods and soft metals, the entire space comes together as a place of relaxation.

*Sofa Shown: Stylus Jets Sofa. Available for special order.


Can't go wrong with florals

With spring comes fresh blooms! Floral patterns are classic, elegant and really last through the years. To pair alongside the desire to bring nature indoors, floral patterns are following suit. I recommend pairing these bright, multicolored florals with the subtle, dusty pink tones for a complete spring look. Or find florals in rich jewel tones for that added pop of deep color.

Use florals everywhere in the home, especially the dining room. It’s so easy to swap out placemats for a fresh pop of floral, or a bright and elaborately printed floral tablecloth. If you’re unsure of how to apply floral patterns in your home, start of small. Try out a piece of floral artwork to add that touch of spring. For a simple addition, a fresh bouquet in an elegant vase will suffice.



Invest in a statement rug

A great rug can do wonders to a space. Invest in a rug and you’ll never be able to go back. Rugs can completely transform a room, no matter the pattern. Whether it’s trendy florals, sharp geometric patterns, or a classic Moroccan-inspired print, you will love the dimension and texture that a rug can add to a room.

 *Rug shown: Loloi NM-01 Beige/Ocean. Can be special ordered.


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