How to Use Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year in Your Home

It was announced last December that Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral is the 2019 Color of the Year. Living Coral is described as a mixture of modern life, fusing together our natural surroundings and our digital world. Following last year’s electric Ultraviolet, we are brought back to Living Coral’s earthy and optimistic presence.

Color can influence how we experience the world and by utilizing colors in certain spaces, we can gain those benefits. With how engrossed we are in our digital worlds, Living Coral can be the best thing to bring us back to a natural and calming place. The color coral has been shown to stimulate feelings of optimism and intimacy, and even encouraging creativity.  When I think of Living Coral, I think of hope and growth, just like the coral reefs. It’s vibrant, but subdued in that it feels so natural. 

It’s important that when it comes to utilizing Living Coral in your home, it’s done purposefully to bring out the desired effect. It might be better to use Living Coral in your home office to encourage creativity compared to the bathroom where those effects may not be fitting. I’ll go through several different ways to bring Living Coral into your own home.




In the Living Room

The living room is a central and community space in many homes. That’s where families come together after a long day and enjoy their evenings, from watching a favorite movie or playing board games. This is one of the best places to add some coral tones. Studies have shown that coral promotes feelings of intimacy and optimism. What better place to have those feelings than with the people you love?

 I recommend using pillows and vases for the living room. Also, it can't hurt to throw in a Living Coral blanket. They are easily interchangeable and mixed around in the space without having to make drastic changes to the layout. If you have a green thumb, plant your favorite plant in a bright coral pot. By planting your favorite plant in a Living Coral pot, imagine how much positivity and growth would come of it, mentally and maybe even physically!  

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In the Office

Promote your creativity by placing coral in this room. The office can be a place that not much time is spent on decorating as the rest of the house, when many spend much of their time in this room.

If you have a Home Office, find wall hangings that include corals, or a rug that has coral hues. Experiment with different textures, too. Enjoy the benefits that Living Coral has to offer! Even the smallest change can have a huge impact.

For those who work in an office setting, it can be harder to make décor decisions compared to home offices. To get the benefits of having Living Coral in your office space, try using a notebook or planner that has coral accents. Use a coral picture frame to display your favorite photo of your dog. All these small changes in your work office space can make the difference.

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In the Kitchen and Dining Room

Both of these places are places of congregation, much like the living room. Placing Living Coral here could promote those feelings of togetherness. Try using faux florals for the dining table, find coral vases, or even coral linens. Another fun way to add some coral to your kitchen is a GurglePot! These fun pitchers also serve as great vases, or as a decor item to keep on the kitchen windowsill.

By placing coral, a color that promotes feelings of intimacy and optimism, in the kitchen and dining room, those loving emotions are brought into a place that can hold so many positive memories. And with spring right around the corner, there’s no better color to bring into your home.


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