Tips For Creating Your Gift Registry

Creating a gift registry can be daunting at first. With each one being completely unique, it’s hard to follow a one-size-fits-all guide. That’s why we created this short and sweet list of some tips that can make the task a little bit easier.



Upgrade What You Already Own

Look at what things you already own, like the old knife set that you’ve had for a while, or that coffee pot that’s been on the counter for years that’s not the best quality. Now’s the time to upgrade those items to something of higher quality that can last a lifetime.



Keep Forever Pieces in Mind

To go along with the first tip, take your time and really think about the items and products you’re adding to your registry. Add things to your registry that you know you’ll use through the years that won’t need replacing anytime soon.



Focus On Your Personal Style

Do you like having a pops of color throughout the home? Or do you prefer neutrals? Look at your current décor and style, gather some inspiration off of Pinterest for your dream home, and start there. Explore your own personal likes and dislikes and let it shine through your registry.


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See It in Store

See the items in person! Being able to pick things up and hold them can help you pick out the color or size you really want. Especially with cookware; for some, a pan may be extremely heavy to use while for another, it fits comfortably in the hand. And with home décor items, being able to see it in a display may spark inspiration for your home.


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Take Price and Variety into Account

For your registry, offer a wide variety of items at a wide price range for your guests. This lets your guests have options when shopping your gift registry.


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    Penny Longo

    October 19, 2020 at 04:40 PM

    I love the Creston table lamp. I saw it on Unsellsble Houses. I’m considering getting 2 but I have a floor lamp that I would like to have that shade on. Can you buy the shade to the Creatin separately so my lamps would match?

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