Transition into Style

Do you have an old home desperately in need of an update, but you're scared of destroying the heritage and unique details only found in historic houses? Here's everything you need to know about transitional style.

The perfect transitional décor is all about finding an equilibrium between contemporary and traditional furnishings and accessories. Where modern design can lean into sleek and sterile minimalism, traditional design can often feel overdone and stuffy. Transitional design cherry picks the best elements from traditional and modern décor to create a fresh, timeless feel.

Transitional style is marked by an overall muted scheme heavy on the neutrals with darker colors reserved for accent pieces. Note in the photo above, the classic white walls, traditional walnut stained floors, with the bedding, curtains, and furniture in predominantly neutral shades, and colors brought in with easy to update accents, like the throw pillows. This style is remarkably functional, with few objects; the pieces that are there bring the drama with big texture, like the cream chunk knit throw or wool cable knit pillow.

The transitional style of décor can be confused with the eclectic décor style, but they're really very different. This difference can be summed up most neatly as the difference between a specific, refined color palette (transitional) and a riotous rainbow of color (eclectic). It is the difference between a decorating philosophy based on minimalism (transitional) versus one based on maximalism (eclectic). For example, an eclectic bedroom would likely have two different nightstands, with two different lamps, whereas a transitional bedroom would likely having matching nightstands and matching lamps.

Done right, transitional décor is all about a neutral palette, a healthy mix of modern and antique furnishings, layered textures, minimalism that doesn't compromise personality, and above all, comfort.

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