French Country Chic

French Country décor is all about having that certain je ne sais quoi. But, just what is that, and how do you get it? This style is all about natural, often reclaimed materials, toile, muted colors, elaborate light fixtures, gleaming metals, luscious rugs, and more—all with a rustic touch. 

Layered Linens + Mixed Prints

The French aesthetic is all about the appearance of functional, effortless style that still somehow screams luxury and elegance. Layering high quality linens in a variety of soft hues gives them an air of warmth and comfort while still seeming casually chic. But French country sheds any cosmopolitan pretention, lending itself to more playful design elements.

Notice the array of subtle patterns and embellishments on the pillows; notice how the mix and match of different graphic elements work together because all the linens are in soft neutral tones. You don't need to eschew colors entirely, however. We decided to add a pop of lavender to this room with the Olena sofa. Despite the shiny metallic accents and resplendent lighting, it encourages mixing feminine toile floral prints with stripes and other similarly detailed elements for an added sense of relaxed fun.


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Grand Lighting

Beautiful, ornate, large-scale light fixtures in conjunction with rustic touches like exposed natural wood beams, luxurious upholstery, and bright metallic accents really set French country chic apart from other interior decorating styles. Everyone needs lighting, and the French decided that the fixtures providing the light should be as brilliant and bright as the light they provide. Above all, this décor is all about marrying luxury and functionality.

Slim Profiles

Ditch your bulky oversized furniture. This aesthetic is all about furniture with slim profiles. Look for furniture with spindly legs, shining metallic hardware, and extra details like tufting, subtle patterns, or possibly even some hand carved ornamentation. It's all about elevating the pastoral- pairing reclaimed woods with feminine toiles, combining rustic practicality with grand gestures of comfort.

Much like how French cuisine is known for simple, high quality ingredients prepared and presented as edible art, French country design is about the philosophy of treating your home, your style, your entire life with the same care and intention that we give to art, fine cuisine, and other grandiose endeavors.

Shop this style today, and give your home the intention it deserves!


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