5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Tabletop

Spring is almost here as well as the bright pastels and florals that come along with it! Farewell to the deep reds and greens of winter and hello to the colors of spring! Except when I started setting up my tabletop this past weekend, I realized that all of my spring place setting and decor felt drab. It didn't bring the excitement of fresh blooms and the promise of summer, it just felt...flat. I didn't have a smile on my face as I laid out everything from last year. Did it get drab while in storage? Did I change my preferences within a year? Was I just bored with these florals? 
Unsatisfied with my spring tabletop, to Pinterest I went! I compiled a list of the top tips that I took from my research on how you can freshen up your own tabletop this spring!



Swap Out Your Old Placemats with Some Bright New Colors!
This simple step can completely change the look of any tabletop. Old placemats can be covered in stains from last year’s wine mishap, or fraying on the edges from so much use. I went ahead and tossed my old placemats (they had definitely seen better days) and opted for some new bright pink ones to bring some spring into my home. And, with Coral being named Pantone’s Color of the Year (yay!), why not update your tabletop with some bright coral pinks?



Use Succulents as a Centerpiece
If you’re a plant person like I am, you have a big collection of succulents, air plants, cactus plants, ferns and on the list goes. Why not update your tabletop with some plants from your collection? With little storage space I have for my plant babies, I discovered that using my tabletop as a display is the perfect solution. Stagger different size pots and plant types to create a unique and pleasing look. For example, I took a trailing succulent (String-of-Pearls), and paired it with a smaller succulent (Aeonium) and a baby fern to create my centerpiece, each one in a white pot.
If you’re someone that doesn’t have much of a green thumb, I recommend trying out faux plants to achieve the same look with less watering!



Treat Yourself with a New Dinnerware Set
Are your dishes bringing you down? Do they have chips? Are they just not exciting anymore? Maybe it’s time to freshen up your dinnerware set! After a year of having bright turquoise and white dishes that I got at IKEA for a screaming deal, I realized that they weren’t me anymore. I didn’t like the way they appeared in my cupboard, or how food looked on them. And with it only being two of us, we didn't need 20 plates (I know, crazy!). 
So, I made the decision to get ourselves a new dish set that we were really excited about. New dinner and salad plates, bowls and glasses. No more cluttered cupboard! Just exactly what we needed.
If you’re feeling in a rut with your dishes, I recommend getting a new set. Life is too short to be unsatisfied with your dinnerware set. Even if it’s just getting new salad plates to go with your dinner plates, it can really help. Now that I have new dishes that I love, I’m excited to eat with my new dinnerware or have guests over for dinner parties.


More Serveware and Dinnerware Ideas:

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Use a Table Runner for a Pop of Color
Is there still just something missing? Maybe throw in a fun patterned table runner! Table runners are such a great option for updating tabletops. They are easy to switch out and fit a wide range of tables. And with so many different colors and patterns, you're bound to find the perfect one for your table. Visit our kitchen supply store in Bellingham!



Splurge and Get Yourself a New Dining Table
Sometimes, you got to treat yourself! When I moved into my smaller apartment last year, the old table I had didn’t fit the space and it turned the room bleh. I didn’t want a bleh room, so I did some searching. Lo and behold, I found the perfect dining table that would not only fit my dining space, but my lifestyle and decor.  
In many cases, dining tables get worn down through the years. A relative accidentally scratched the table during Christmas dinner with their silverware, or there was red wine spilled last Valentine’s Day, or sugar is so deeply embedded in the cracks from all of that cookie baking with the kids. A new dining table can be a breath of fresh air and a start of some new memories.
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