Creating your Craftsman House to feel like Home

What's not to love about Craftsman style homes? Cozy and welcoming, these homes are gorgeous displays of the simplicity of form, use of natural materials, and resolute hand crafting. Craftsman style homes are meant to be simple, relatively unadorned, and useful, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring or dated! Its hard to imagine these homes to not feel welcoming and with a natural sense of home, but if decor is not used correctly, things can easily feel cold, dated, and not functional. 

When someone comes to us with a true Craftsman in need of reviving, we always get a little more excited. Our most recent was one that we at Greenhouse helped design and stage a Craftsman home for HGTV's Unsellable Houses. We staged this home to have a sense of modern elegance, with elements of our beloved Pacific Northwest integrated into the overall design for a more personal touch and bringing out the natural beauty of the home.

When designing your craftsman home, it's always a good rule of thumb to stick to a mostly neutral color palette, with pops of soft natural blues + greens, or perhaps a charming, buttery yellow for extra pizzazz. With this particular home, we were trying to bring the heritage of the home out in the decor as well as create a functional family living space. The home was initially a lovely PNW Bungalow, but then had gone thru several additions, and when we got our hands on it, was going thru a full interior renovation. We used a lot of sage greens in the decor we brought in, along with botanical prints on the walls, and faux botanical throughout the home. The sofas and furniture we brought in had curved and exaggerated features, highlighting with the trim and framework of the home.  

We put a large focus on using natural light and materials wherever we could. Craftsman styled homes are typically made up of multiple smaller rooms and often rely on natural light to help open up the space and add a connection between the outside and inside. It's also imperative to add soft lighting with floor or table lamps for added decor and visibility during times when the sun isn't shining quite so brightly, as is common in the PNW. You can add an extra feeling of coziness and warmth with candles. The floor and table lamps also bring in a much needed form of texture and is a great use for both practicality and design.

As always; mix your materials when bringing in new decor! It's easy to go overboard on the wood in Craftsman homes, especially since they're known for their beautiful woodwork and built-ins. Use a combination of warm wool rugs, sea grass baskets, linen napkins, metal cross-back chairs, cotton throws, and leather ottomans for a more interesting, layered look that retains that heritage look as well as functionality. If you want a more glamorous vibe, it's as easy as adding gold metallic candle holders!

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