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All of us at Greenhouse love to help curate the latest designs in a way that adds more than just beauty to your home; we understand that functionality resides at the core of what makes a home. With this in mind we quickly latched onto the idea of incorporating the calming coastal influences all around us here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Northwest coastal design has an emphasis on harmony with the outdoors. It’s more of a state of mind than a decorating style. The Northwest is all about the authentic character of natural materials, colors and details, and the inherent relationship between indoors and the great outdoors, not trendy gold metal or perfectly finished pieces.

When decorating in this style, we look for items like beautiful macramé, Hand Woven Water Hyacinth + Rattan Stool, and washable, reusable linen napkins. Northwest coastal style has one of the easiest color schemes to stick to, as well. Keep to neutral tones and natural textures, and use all the blues your heart desires. You can add in pops of blue with art, throw blankets, pillows, anything you fancy!


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Earth Wind Fire Round Pouf Stool


Still not sure how to get that PNW coastal feel in your own home? Check out our design services for a free consultation!


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  • Donna Oates

    Donna Oates

    May 12, 2021 at 01:19 PM

    I absolutely love your show. Fun to peruse your website allowing us to use some of the ideas you share on your makeovers. I wish there were options, at least on the HGTV website, where you could share the name of paint colors used in your homes. I do not have an eye for picking out color. Thank you for sharing your home decorating ideas. You have rejuvenated my energy to make some changes!

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