Modern Farmhouse with a Modern Twist on Classic Design

We at Greenhouse Home, strive to continually curate for you updated designs that bring your home to life and give it the personality and individuality it deserves.  Recently, our team of home design consultant at Greenhouse Home had the opportunity to design + stage a home on HGTV's Unsellable Houses. We immediately loved the idea of bringing a Modern Farmhouse design into this home, but with an all new HGTV design twist. We have seen it done so many times that just mentioning the words Modern Farmhouse brings the same image into all of our minds, with a design feel of lots of shiplap and tones of black + white.

In our design department at Greenhouse, we always love a home that is virtually a blank slate. When we first saw this late 1980's home we ignored the voices around us and felt the heart strings tug towards a modern farmhouse design. The home was a single story house in a well established neighborhood and had a covered back porch that led us to the design and vision. But how do we bring Modern Farmhouse to a home while also giving it personality and individuality and setting it apart from the Modern Farmhouse that has taken us the last 10 years?  

Insert the hues of classic blue and honey yellow with a touch of mustard. Giving Modern Farmhouse the modern twist it needed to be current and fresh but also classic. We chose a table that had a weathered wood finish and a black wood base with character and design and then added black metal chairs, creating a warm yet defined gathering space. We accented the living area with the pop of honey - using one of my favorite fabrics, Entice Honey, on the classic Cleo Chair. Pairing it with an ivory chunky blanket and throw pillows to bring out the white and classic blue.


Furniture Ideas:

Provence Large Extension Dining Table

We took this look throughout the entire home - using woods to accent black metal and continuing the color tones throughout. Our goal was for the future home owner, or those looking at the home, to be able to see the style in each an every space and corner of the home, to give it full purpose and context.The purpose of the Modern Farmhouse design is to make the space purposeful, livable, with minimal trinkets, and a clean look that begs you to come in and stay awhile.


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  • Karyn Clark Verdecchia

    Karyn Clark Verdecchia

    May 12, 2021 at 01:09 PM

    Love, love, love your designs. We just purchased our lot to build my forever and last home and we are pretty settled on the exterior, more bungalow than colonial. I have been wanting Jadeite colored kitchen cabinets since we left Asheville, NC and my dream Craftsman home. I have had 3 white kitchens since then, but have fallen hard for Jadeite and have been collecting dishes since then.. Do you have even a ballpark guess on shipping for your white oak topped metal base dining room table and 1 of the coordinating benches going to Pennsylvania? I do like the 65” console you have but I think my husband aspires to a larger-screen TV. I am making a spread sheet of your episodes and what has caught my eye in each, down to the String of Pearls. Thank you so much for your attention to this and I remain, Sincerely KC Verdecchia

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