Rustic Luxe

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we love the rustic luxe look for the particular way  it combines natural elements from our beloved great outdoors with all of the creature comforts of modern homes, creating a look that reads both as a cozy, unpretentious cabin, and as the kind of high-end, luxury home that we see in magazines or on HGTV.

Reclaimed Wood

A key part to putting the 'rustic' in rustic luxe is making sure to use lots of reclaimed wood accents into a space. Easy ways to incorporate this into your own home (without remodeling) is to use furniture that features natural wood grain textures and colors, recycled or reclaimed woods, and live edges into their design. Some of our favorite pieces here at Greenhouse are the Irondale Modular Desk, the Organic Bench, and of course, the Reclaimed Wood Stool.

Gold + Brass Metallic Accents

Now let's put the 'luxe' into rustic luxe. My personal favorite way of doing this is with gold and brass metallic accents; I just can't get enough of them!  My personal favorite accents to use are with functional everyday items. My favorites include things like this set of four Hammered Stainless Steel Cutlery, this Metal Framed Wall Mirror, and the Glass Table Lamp with a Linen Shade, which all feature shiny gold or brass finishes. Using things that are necessities that not typically considered as luxuries, but happen to have a gold or brass finish is a great way to incorporate metallic accents while avoiding that sense of gaudiness that can come from leaning too heavily into luxury. Everyone needs light, silverware, and a mirror- why not make it a fashion statement? After all, beauty is a function all its own.


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Natural Fibers

I don't think I could write about anything involving home décor without talking about natural fibers. The quickest way to add that absolute trifecta of coziness, comfort, and durability into your home is with items made from natural fibers- this includes anything and everything  from pillows and throws to napkins to bamboo trays! While leather isn't technically a fiber, it is one of the most durable natural materials that exists. I love a leather sofa, like the Messina Leather Sofa, to round out a living space. Such a piece is the ultimate combination of luxury and rustic sensibility. Aside from the beauty and sense of luxury that comes from using natural materials, another benefit is that they are frequently far more sustainable and better for our planet than using man made materials like plastic.

So much of design is personal, and really what it comes down to is how your space makes you feel. I feel best in my space when it is functionally beautiful. For example, I love decorating with woven baskets, not just because they are gorgeous to decorate with, but because they provide practical storage solutions. This is what rustic luxe means to me; incorporating fashion and function in a way that evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation.

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