8 Small Space Living Ideas

The biggest problem with small apartments and housing is that it feels cramped and, well, small. With the growing trend of downsizing and low-impact living (from reducing the use of packaging to incredibly tidy living spaces), these practices are appearing in our daily routines. 

Whether you’re downsizing or currently finding ways to adjust your lifestyle to have intention in what you keep your space, check out these tips below.    



1. Wheeled Storage
Being able to easily move and change things in a small space is key. A great and versatile option is a bar cart. They work great as a way to store bar gadgets and glassware in the kitchen, or can even work as an everyday storage item, like a side table. Use it to store books and other small trinkets, and when you need more space for entertaining, simply move it.   

2. Focus On Vertical Storage
Take advantage of taller storage options to increase usable space.  Make sure to display your best items, things that make you feel happy and can serve as décor items, like your favorite books. By utilizing vertical storage, you increase usable space.  



3. Make It Multi-Use
Find things that have multiple uses to make it really worthwhile in your home. A great example is a lift top coffee table, like the Greenington Rhody Coffee Table. Not only does it serve its immediate need as a table, it has ample storage to hide items that you may not want to keep out.  


4. Comfort Sleepers
If you’re living in a studio, or if you want more space in the bedroom, think about replacing your bed with a sleeper. Comfort Sleepers offer the best of both worlds; more accessible space and a great night's sleep. And since you're able to customize them, you will find one that fits your needs. 
When I lived in a studio apartment, I always came across the problem of my bed taking up a majority of the space in the unit, and in result, there was a lack of seating when I did have guests. With Comfort Sleepers, those problems are completely solved! Pull it out into a bed at night, and if you need some more seating room, just push it back into a sofa.   
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5. Play With Scale
Something that many face in smaller living spaces is how to make the place look larger. A way to achieve this is to go with lighter colored walls, like whites and creams. However, if you’re a renter like I am and aren’t able to easily change things, another way to create the effect of a larger space is to keep windows cleared and open for daylight to come in. Depending on lease agreements, replace blinds with sheer curtains in a lighter color to soften up and to give the appearance of a brighter room.
Also, try playing with scale! By limiting the amount of small things and going for a larger décor piece, the space will begin to appear larger. Go with large baskets to store blankets, or a large painting above the sofa as an eye-catching piece. Large scale statement pieces give some contrast, rather than overloading your space with small items that end up looking more cluttered than put together.  



6. Replace Square Tables with Round 
Replace your square table with a round one for easy maneuverability and to improve the flow of the room. Squared tables make it more difficult to walk around and can result in a sharp corner in the hip. No one wants a bruised hip! Also, rounded tables fit into a wide range of different spaces, so you’re bound to find one that fits your lifestyle.  



7. Combine the Office and Bedroom
If you’re someone that needs a home office, try migrating the office with the bedroom. Writing desks are perfect for this. They’re often sleek and small from the lack of bulky drawers or clunky legs.
If having a designated office space isn’t as important, but you like access to a desk every now and again, fold-out desks are perfect. Once you’re done using the desk, you can easily fold it back into the wall. Easy-peasy!
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8. Hang Plants
Plant storage can be tricky, especially when pets are involved. The larger a plant collection gets, the more difficult it could be to find a way to display them all without cluttering up a space. And, from experience, cluttering plants close together could cause some to die from lack of sunlight. Rather than clustering your plants on tabletops, try hanging them in hanging planters, especially near windows. Your plants will thank you for it! 

Other Decoration Ideas:

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