The Boho Bungalow with a Southwestern Spin

Bohemian décor has always offered a way to make your space feel warmer, more welcoming and interesting. Now, enter Southwest Bohemian. Southwest home décor feels like bohemian décor in a way that involves mixed-and-matched prints, earthy toned textiles and ornately carved wood pieces, making it a beautiful marriage of the two styles.

Where Bohemian style is about rich jewel tones, Southwestern style takes advantage of the colors of the earth, with shades of the canyons, pinks, green and wood tones. Where bohemian feels organic, Southwestern style has a touch of starkness, with defined stripes and triangle patterns reminiscent of the desert landscape. 

Easy ways to bring this rugged desert charm into your home is with high contrast, crisp patterned home decor. In this HGTV home, we used anything and everything from a blanket, a planter, to a pillow to bring in those signature motifs. You can also add touches of brass and gold, reminiscent of the gold rush era that helped shaped the southwest as we know it. We did this by adding functional home accessories and furniture, including the Antique Gold 2-Tier Tray and the Antique Gold Metal Accent Chair.


Furniture Store:

Macrame Hanging Chair
Cruz Media Unit


Shop the full assortment of Southwest Bohemian items as seen on HGTV’s Unsellable Houses. Remember, you don't have to go full rancher to take advantage of the aesthetic! Plenty of these items will fit seamlessly into your home, regardless of what décor profile you already have going on.


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